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CNN’s 6 classy places to consider for a Greek Winter Getaway…

CNN’s 6 classy places to consider for a Greek Winter Getaway…

… and our managed Aristi Mountain Resort is the first of them!

Greece is so closely linked to summer vacations that it rarely features in winter escape plans.

That’s a shame, because while it rules the Mediterranean in the heat of July and August, it’s also got some pretty cool moves in the dead of December.

Falling temperatures sprinkle new magic on stone-built villages lost in deep forests and medieval castles built into that beautiful Greek coastline.

Throw vibrant cities into the mix, along with buzzing ski resorts — yes, ski resorts — and a whole new perspective of the country opens up.

Here are six classy places to consider for a Greek winter getaway.

For romantic escapes: Aristi Mountain Resort Hotel & Spa (Zagorochoria, Aristi)

A hidden mountainous treasure in the Epirus region of northwestern Greece, Zagorochoria is a complex of 46 stone-built villages.

This parkland ecosystem is where locals take special guests to illustrate their ideals of natural beauty.

Scenic mountain roads and traditional arched stone bridges interconnect tiny villages filled with guesthouses and little cafes.

Aristi Mountain Resort, in the village of Aristi, is ideal for exploring the region.

Located atop the village, the resort enjoys grand views of the “Towers of Astraka,” the striking rock cliffs that dominate the skyline.

Accommodation includes rooms scattered around a complex of stone buildings and three newly built villas.

Its spa facilities feature an indoor heated pool with stunning views of the surrounding area, while its Salvia restaurant serves local specialties and fine Greek wines.


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