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Dimitris Tsitsos, Architectural Digest

Dimitris Tsitsos, Architectural Digest

An Architect or a charmer of the form? An Interior Designer or an image maker? All these, or none of the above? Let’s get to know better the ambience creator Dimitris Tsitsos. What’s the occasion? The young and fresh renovation of La Maltese Estate Villa, our managed hotel in Imerovigli, Santorini, which Mr Tsitsos signed recently.


• Dimitris Tsitsos was born and raised in Xanthi, Northern Greece.

• In 1968 he moves to Vienna, where he stays until 1981.

• He studies at the School of Architecture of Vienna and finished his studies at Innsbruck.

• Apart from the architecture, he worked actively with the scenography (he won the Austrian State Prize for the best scene of the year of 1976), with the painting and the sculpture.

• Since 1981, he lives in Thessaloniki.

• He adores restorations, he likes to consider himself as a rescuer of old buildings.

• He has signed the aesthetics of a numerous HotelBrain’s managed hotels, such as: San Antonio, Aressana Suites & Spa, Litohoro Olympus Resort, De.Light and recently La Maltese Estate Villa.


• He owned a house in Santorini since 1979

• He prefer to relax,  get inspiration and  creates when he is at his house, in the shadow of Mountain Olympus,  in Ancient Pydna.

• These days he works hard for a huge project of 3000 sqm in Halkidiki region.

  • With the renovation of La Maltese he wanted: “to soften the grandeur, to extenuate the classicality. The big challenge was to manage to preserve the nobleness of this Captains’ Manor and simultaneously create a summery uplifting space. “


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