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HotelBrain 2014 Annual Meeting

HotelBrain 2014 Annual Meeting

The guests, the speakers, the attendees, the 2013 performance, the future plans, the figures… All that happened in HotelBrain 2014 Annual Meeting, in details..!

Reflecting on Greece’s recent tourism boost and planning ahead for future key sectors of growth, the 4thAnnual Meeting of HotelBrain, uncovered new grounds for the industry.

The meeting, which took place during the 9th Ho.Re.Ca Expo, last Saturday, attracted more than 400 attendees within the Greek tourism and hospitality industry as well as key media representatives, demonstrating the spirit of co-operation, adaptation and professionalism within the sector. Honorary guests and speakers included: Alexandros Lamnidis, (General Director SETE, INSETE), Kurt Allen(Director e-Commerce of Small Luxury Hotels of the World) and Haris Makriniotis (Managing Director Endeavor Greece).

Minister of Tourism, Olga Kefalogianni, through a video message, welcomed guests and opened with a positive statement summarising the last year of business and how entrepreneurship is a great step towards continued success. She said: “2013 has shown that tourism is a leader in our efforts to overcome the crisis and to support our National economy. We work with plan and extraversion to reach even higher levels of tourism. Creative entrepreneurship is a key element of this effort, crucial to achieve our goals. HotelBrain shows us what is conquerable by a Greek company within Greece and abroad, when this is driven by inspiration, synergies and dynamism.”

Following on from the positive and inspiring opening statements, Alexandros Lamnidis added:“Our country, its destinations, the businesses and services offered by the hotels under the management of HotelBrain have the opportunity to attract visitors with a higher than average travel expenditure. I know that both HotelBrain and the owners of the company’s managed hotels, have quality and service at the forefront of priorities. And so it should be because whatever you may call it: luxury, boutique, unique, authentic – the most important thing is the experience we offer our guests, which has to be unique.”

Haris Makryniotis said: “Endeavor Greece seeks and supports the business leaders of the future with companies that can make a difference in their industry, create jobs and revenue, being an example for others. Mr Panos Paleologos, founder of HotelBrain, joined our network because he concentrates all the above features and operates in an industry with a significant competitive advantage and great growth potential in Greece. ”

During the meeting Panos Paleologos, President and Founder of HotelBrain presented the current portfolio of the company, as well as the economic figures of the past year, which are asfollows:


•   74 hotels in 29 destinations in Greece.

•   1.200+ employees at the hotels under HotelBrain’s management.

•   First Management Contract with a hotel in Turkey (Galata Antique Boutique Hotel, Istanbul)


·     Consolidated Revenue for 2013 of total operated hotels, 42.8 million (compared with 38.2 million euros in 2012). (The calculation does not include VAT and municipal tax).

·     Average Room Occupancy Rate in 2013 of the total operated hotels 68.5%. (the calculation does not include the free accommodation nights)

·   ADR 2013, 164.5 euros, against 155.9 euros in the previous year (the calculation does not include taxes and breakfast).


Total Net Turnover (Revenue) of total operated hotels: more than 50 million euros.

Average Room Occupancy Rate: 70.1%

ADR: 170.4 euros.

(The above data have been calculated based on 2,059 rooms and 238,169 overnight stays in total).

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