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“Tourism must be the ‘vehicle’ driving Greece’s Recovery”, Panos Paleologos’ live interview on CNBC

“Tourism must be the ‘vehicle’ driving Greece’s Recovery”, Panos Paleologos’ live interview on CNBC

Endorsing the National Statement “Let Tourism be Greece’ s First Victory”, Mr Paleologos, founder & CEO of HotelBrain, showed optimism about the performance of Greek hotels during the interview Monday, November 4, on CNBC*.

Founder & CEO of HotelBrain, live on Worldwide Exchange, CNBC’s flagship show

When invited to discuss this summer’s tourism statistics on popular CNBC show “Worldwide Exchange”, Mr Paleologos admitted it had been a fantastic year with more than 17.5 million arrivals, adding that tourism is “giving us the moral boost we need as a country and as a nation to stand for the austerity measures”.
Describing Greece as a “paradise of value for money boutique properties, which offer experiences and hospitality with a soul”, Mr Paleologos outlined the other side of The country as well, which works hard with both a passion and a plan. He also referred to the MacKinsey Report “Tourism Strategic Planning 2021” which was presented by the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises, and says that Greece will be able to reach 22-24 million arrivals in the next few years.
 To watch the video of Mr Paleologos’ interview on CNBC, please follow the link below
*CNBC is the leading pan-EMEA (European-Middle East-African) business and financial television channel. With real-time coverage of financial markets and international business news. It provides business leaders, investors and the financial services industry across EMEA with the information and analysis they need. Research has shown that CNBC reaches an audience of 6.8 million of the top 20% of earners in Europe each month (EMS 2011).

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